Monday, March 16, 2009

Twit.: Twitter Mood including Tweetdeck, WeFollow, Splitweet, & Twitternet Marketing Social Site! Join them all now!

**I am in an ALL TWITTER MOOD! Now that I got my own TEAMWORK NETWORK up with my fellow online money-makers...I am ready to ROCK TWITTER! Enjoy the tools!**

TWEETDECK - A program that allows you to login from any twitter account and watch Follower UPDATES, Replies & Direct Messages update in REAL TIME! It lets you see everything about everyone and respond like it's own little community! Very cool!

WeFollow - A database of TWITTER USERS created by following @wefollow and choosing to reply to him with 3 tags from the account you want in its database -- example:

 #business #internetmarketing #branding

You can search their page for more tags and see how popular ones are!!!

  Helps you get thousands of twitter followers and works quickly! Check it out Twitter Users!

  You can manage ALL your MULTIPLE Twitter accounts at once with Splitweet! Send the same tweets to 1, 2 or ALL your twitter accounts at one time! Plus it shows you all your updates from all your accounts at once! 

 This is a great place to meet other Twitter users who use twitter especially to market, business, branding and other internet marketing methods! Twitter is the way for everyone to get ANYTHING out there from programs to products of all kinds!

**All Real Links Found on Twitter in REAL TIME! LIVE FROM MY COMPUTER & Fingertips!**